Transforming the City of


Where We Work

How we serve

The Savannah Leadership Foundation provides varied levels of support through its operational programs, partnerships and affiliations.

Organizational Capacity Building

Starting a nonprofit is hard enough. SLF helps organizations with training and administrative support so that they can focus on supporting communities in need.

Volunteer Mobilization

We connect people of faith and goodwill with the great causes throughout our city in need of hands, minds, hearts and resources.

Mobilizing Communities of Faith

We are committed to mobilizing churches and nonprofit organizations to maximize their impact. We are grateful their support of our work through prayer and action.

Youth Mentoring & Education

We believe that learning is fundamental, so we strive to build programs and ministries that supply quality education and promote healthy learning.

Our programs


Savannah Leadership Foundation  serve their communities alongside neighbors from different denominational, racial, class, and political backgrounds.  Volunteers will be recruited to serve in various service projects throughout our city from providing storm damage clean up from natural disasters, feeding the homeless and restoring a community center. Join our volunteer data base today!



We match high-potential, under-resourced youth with community mentors and provide collegial experiences that encourage and support students, in hopes of maximizing their leadership potential and their future success. The 1:1 mentoring model provides students with a mentor with common interests to build a relationship with, to gain exposure to a broader world and a friend who encourages them.



Savannah Leadership Foundation mentor incarcerated men and women working in partnership with local churches and organizations that serve the prison population.   SLF supports individuals seeking a fresh start by walking side-by-side with them to develop individual service plans designed to help them successfully return to society.  SLF also provides a a Reentry Project clinic helping people erase past criminal offenses from their records.

Our partners

Collaboration requires relationships!
We are grateful for our partners in this work of loving our city into greatness.